Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Adventures Of Pirotess: Fun At The Moonfire Faire

One of the things that I love about Final Fantasy XIV is that there are a lot of great seasonal events. These give you a nice break from adventuring and allow you to just have fun with your friends enjoying everything and getting some pretty nice items from the event quests.

The Moonfire Faire started on August 8th and the event is running until August 26th. I had fun doing this one because it celebrates Summer at the beach in Costa del Sol with fireworks, swimming, and items like the Faire Joi swimsuit. I had a blast doing it with my friends Sekilini and Neji.

The way to start the quest is by going to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks at x11.5 y13.8 on your map. This gives you the Isle and the Faire quest which takes you to Costa Del Sol. All the towns are decorated for Moonfire Faire and having fireworks. I stopped and checked out all the terrific decorations and enjoyed the fireworks too.

Pirotess watches the fireworks in Limsa Lominsa.

When you get to Costal Del Sol there are two quests you can do for the event that earn you Faire vouchers that you can trade to an NPC for prizes. One quest has you swimming around in the water looking for mortars to light fireworks. The other quest has you delivering battered fish to an NPC vendor. If you aren't a culinarian like me, you can either buy them from the market or have a friend make them for you. I was very lucky that my friend Sekilini crafted some fish for us to trade. 

Pirotess lights a mortar and enjoys the fireworks.

When you do these quests you earn Faire vouchers which you can trade for items. You need 7 for the Faire Joi swimsuite. Make sure you also do the True Meaning of Summer quest for a hilarious discovery about the people running the event. The swimsuit is the big thing, but you can get other items also with the Faire vouchers you earn since the quests are repeatable. The ones that are worth getting are the shaved ice, the Moonfire Faire poster, and the Hyper Rainbow Z Orchestration scroll.
Other items you can get are sparklers and a variety of mini fireworks.

Pirotess celebrates in her Fair Joi swimsuit with sparklers.

It's definitely more fun to do this with friends. Sekilini, Neji, and I had fun doing this together. Afterwards, we just ran all over the beach and swam around in the water. We also did a lot of the float emote which was amusing. The Moonfire Faire is a relaxing event that allows you to have fun and goof off with your friends. It's a great way to celebrate Summer, fun, and friends in the game. 

Pirotess, Neji, and Sekilini enjoying the Moonfire Faire.

*Moonfire Faire 2017 is August 8-August 26.

*Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows and Playstation4

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