Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas To Everyone

The holiday season has kept me pretty busy especially since I knit a lot  of gifts for Christmas. During my downtime I have been playing Final Fantasy XV and Harvest Moon Skytree Village. Once I'm finished playing both I will write about them, but it will be after Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog, likes it, and shares it. That includes my husband Ron who encouraged me from day one and who quietly reads my blog every time I tell him there's a new blog post. He's an amazing human being who is incredibly supportive and I'm grateful having him in my corner. Mother Gamer just started out on a whim because of my love of video games and a variety of things I was nerdy about and I wanted to write about it and share it. It also came about because of a few friends asking my opinion about certain things ranging from video games to comic books. One friend was pretty thrilled with something I recommended to them and wondered why I didn't as they put it "write a cool nerd blog or something" and I gave it a try.  It was fun, (it still is!) but then it became something I love to do. I enjoy sharing how much I liked something and it's always a blast writing this blog. I love video games and they're always fun for me to play because they're a nice escape and relaxation from things for a brief time so when a game is bad it's disappointing because having to write a bad review of a game for me is always a bummer. Luckily the bad games for me are few and far between and many of the games I play are fantastic which puts me in my happy place.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas, enjoys the holiday with their loved ones, and has a happy new year. I know 2016 has not been what we expected, but we got through it together and there were a lot of great games and nerdy things all around. We'll see what 2017 holds and we'll do it together. There will be even more games to play and nerdy things to explore after all. Merry Christmas, everyone. ~Mother Gamer