Monday, October 17, 2016

Mother Gamer Plays Persona 4 Arena

I love the Persona series and I really enjoyed Persona 4 so I was excited about Persona 4 Arena. It was added to my backlog of games and I finally got around to playing it. The story is set two months after the events of Persona 4 so you get to see some favorite characters from the game make an appearance in Arena. Persona Arena is a fighting game, but it's a spectacular one. The tutorial for the game controls are easy to follow and the interface for the user money is easy to navigate.

Get ready to fight in Persona 4 Arena.

You can play story mode with the character of your choice or you can play versus mode against the computer or your friends. The dynamics of the battles are amazing with stylish combos and impressive defenses. Once you figure out each character's special moves and combos you can unleash attacks on your opponents that will smash your way to victory. I had so much fun just playing story mode and discovering all the combos, air dashes, and special attacks each character had. The controls handle smoothly giving a fully immersed experience into the battles of Arena.

Crush your opponent with amazing combos!

The artwork and design of Persona 4 Arena is gorgeous. It has an incredibly colorful and polished feel to it making it wonderful to look at as you play. Story mode is interesting too and it has some great twists and revelations towards the endings for each character. You have a select few characters to start with and as you progress you unlock the rest of the characters, so it gives you a good incentive to go through each character and find out the fates of each one. The music for the game is fantastic with catchy beats and it matches the atmosphere of a Persona game. 

This was a lot of fun to play and it was not a boring fighting game at all. Persona 4 Arena is a rare gem among fighting games because it comes with all the bells and whistles and if you consider yourself a fighting game fan, this is a game you'll want in your collection. 

Stylish visuals and fights are amazing!

*Persona 4 Arena is available to play on these platforms: Playstation3 and Xbox360

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