Sunday, October 20, 2013

Your Game Sucks; TotalBiscuit Vs. Wild Games Studio

 Apparently Wild Games Studio decided they were going to behave like complete jerks with no common sense whatsoever when they issued a "take down notice" to TotalBiscuit, a YouTube gaming critic because he told the truth about their game being pretty damn awful. The studio is claiming they protected their copyright because TotalBiscuit had no right to make advertising revenues with their license.
 This is where anyone with a brain calls this exactly what it is; BULLSHIT. Yes, it can really take the wind out of your sails when the critiques of a game you worked really hard on are less than stellar. However, being underhanded and doing completely dishonest things to get the negative reviews down doesn't say a lot of good things about you.
 I've given bad reviews of games before, because frankly not all the games I've played are winners and I'm certainly not going to say a terrible game is the best thing I've ever played when it isn't. It does not make any sense for a company to try and strong arm and bully a critic into taking down a negative review just because their pride is hurt. Rather than learning from it and trying to take those reviews in account and try to do better or make improvements to the current game or the next one, Wild Games Studio chose to be ridiculous, arrogant, and petty about the whole thing. It does not speak well of them at all.
 Do I agree with all of TotalBiscuit's reviews? No, not always, but I do agree with him that this incident with Wild Games Studio is ridiculous and he is right that they need to fix the problem with the copyright abuse on YouTube, hell everywhere,  and not let them get away with these dishonest actions simply because their pride couldn't take his honest review of their game being "horrendous" as he put it. Essentially, they acted like children in need of a nap, having a huge tantrum. It's really quite silly and it makes them look incredibly foolish. You can hear TotalBiscuit's very informative account of this nonsense here:

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