Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thanks DC Comics For Making Sure I Will NEVER Buy Comics From You Again

 I already had a problem with DC Comics because of the way they treat female fans and act like everything is one big boy's club. Then they decided that BatWoman should never get to marry her girlfriend Maggie which caused their creative team to quit. Yikes! Now with this latest stunt; a contest for people to draw Harley Quinn naked and committing suicide I find myself completely disgusted and deciding I will never buy DC Comics again. You can read the article from The Daily Dot here:
 Maybe other people are okay with this, but not me and certainly not any of the other people who have decried this pretty despicable thing. First question, why does Harley Quinn have to be naked? Second question, how is a joke about suicide ever funny? Jim Palmiotti's poor defensive excuse of it's meant to be a joke in a Loony Toons style is not going to cut it. Considering that starting tomorrow is National Suicide Prevention Week, that makes this whole thing even more disgusting and disheartening. While I know they mean it to be satirical in the vein of Deadpool, I myself still find this to be in incredibly poor taste.  As the article states, it really does seem like DC Comics PR department is deliberately sabotaging themselves. If that's their plan, it's working because I know I will not be buying anything from them anytime soon. 

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