Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One Revealed, A Bit Disappointing For Me

I admit as I've gotten older I've gotten a bit more selective about what games I play on our various consoles and computers. This is also true about movies I watch. I really think about whether or not something is worth spending money on. After reading about the Xbox One, I have come to the conclusion that Microsoft is not getting money from me this year. Honestly, I'm thinking that I will skip this years generation of consoles.
I don't like being forced to buy something, but that's what's happening with the Xbox One. The Kinect is now no longer an optional feature, instead if you want an Xbox One you also have to sign up for the Kinect. I didn't even like being forced to have Windows on my computer with no choice of any other program okay?  Windows knows I tolerate it on my computer and behaves accordingly.
 I don't use a gaming console to Skype, watch TV, or use Hulu. I have a computer. I watch TV on my computer or on our TV. While it does look pretty flashy over all with all its bells and whistles, I confess I am disappointed. They talk about all the spiffy things it does for voice integration, TV watching, and internet stuff, but there isn't a single mention about the one thing that matters to gamers like myself, the video games. Extras are great and everything, but where is the focus on the gamers?  It's as if they didn't consider the gamers at all in this. Sure, it looks like a very nice flashy DVR that does everything but make me toast, but there didn't seem to be any mention of what kind of games it would play or what they would have lined up for it. They mention cloud gaming, but that's it. What about regular games? What about used games? Where do they fit in or do they fit in at all?  I'm really not sure about the voice integration either. I have better conversations with our dog and all he does is sit there while looking at me adoringly, wagging his tail the whole time.
 If you want a gamer like me to drop money on your console or your games you know, you really have to focus on the gaming aspect. I don't care about bells and whistles. I care about games that appeal to my interests, that are great with storytelling, good game controls, and fun game play on a console that runs great without any technical issues. I do not need what is essentially the Swiss army knife of gaming consoles.
 So yes, the Xbox One (seriously, this is the name? It's a bit underwhelming) reveal is a bit disappointing for me. However, it's still early so we'll see what else they do with it and see if they do mention any games for it, but I do believe that for now I'll be skipping this gaming console. What about you dear readers? Do you like the Xbox One, dislike it, or are you on the fence about it?
 You can check out the article I read from BBC News about it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-22620039

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