Thursday, May 2, 2013

Aisha Tyler Is Awesome Or I Can Relate To This As A Gamer And A Nerd (Yes, No Girl In There Anywhere)

 I think Aisha Tyler is funny, smart, and awesome. She got even more awesome in my book when she responded to the haters about how she knew nothing about gaming with this poetic gem which you can read here:

 I love it.  Sure, she could have ignored it, but she chose to school them on what happens when you make snap judgments and assumptions about people. Yes, the story is from last year, but it has gone viral and it hits home with me. I'll tell you why.
  I can't count how many times I've been challenged on my knowledge of video games and comic books. Sometimes I've even been challenged on my science-fiction and fantasy knowledge. Those are things that I love, that I've loved since I was kid yet I've been accused of knowing nothing about said passions. Then I've had demands, yes demands to PROVE my knowledge. The sad part is it's usually some elitist male who thinks he's going to stump the "cute girl" by rapid firing trivia questions at her smug in the assumption that he'll be victorious and humiliate her in front of all his friends. Boy, are they disappointed when they meet me. One of them actually cried on me, claiming I cheated. Right, as if that's the answer.
 It couldn't be because my favorite uncle introduced me to the world of comics and let me read many of the comics in his collection, including the MAGE comics which hooked me for the rest of my life on comics. It couldn't be because my grandparents finally decided that yes my brother and I would get a NES for Christmas and we played the heck out of that thing. It couldn't be because I discovered Legend Of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest on that system and loved them. It couldn't be because my grandmother let me read every single science-fiction and fantasy novel lining all the shelves in her house growing up or her watching those film genres with me. No, it couldn't be that at all. It must be because I cheated, because I'm just a dumb girl.
 Every time this happens, I sigh inwardly because it shouldn't happen at all. It shouldn't matter that I'm a woman. It shouldn't matter that any female is female when it comes to all the awesome geek things out there. I don't need to feel like I'm on a damn quiz show because a male person needs convincing that I'm actually a gamer, comic book nerd, or Sci-fi/Fantasy lover. It's not cool and frankly, it's rude.
 I also get mildly irritated when there's an assumption made that I don't play things like Metal Gear, God Of War,  Assassin's Creed, Thief, etc. or that I only read super girly comics. I'm sure other women get tired of this too, because it sucks and a great deal of the time it simply isn't true. I LOVE Metal Gear, God Of War, Halo, and the like. I don't like girly comics. They're not my thing. I'm more of a super hero, zombies, macabre, and giant freaking robots comics kind of person.
 I just wish people wouldn't label it in terms of "Girl Gamer", "Male Gamer", "Girl Geek", and what not. I'm simply a gamer and a nerd. I love playing video games on ALL the systems out there and I have myself a good time playing. I love comic books and I deserve to be in that comic book shop without being stared at like I'm a unicorn. I love Sci-fi and I love Fantasy and I should be able to enjoy it without any hassle.
 Please note, I didn't say all males do this. My husband shares many of my passions which is not only awesome, it's fun getting to play Tekken or Soul Calibur with him, and many other games. It's also fantastic to have someone to discuss things like Walking Dead or Doctor Who with. However, too many males have done this to us women and far too often. It should not be an issue that someone is a man or a woman. Just enjoy that you have a passion for some of the same awesome nerd things and leave it at that. Just gamers, comic book lovers, and the like. That's it. 

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