Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dragon's Dogma: Worth Playing Again And Again

 I have been having a blast with Dragon's Dogma. The story is excellent and gives you a great sense of high adventure. Strategy matters here because if you don't plan accordingly you will die fighting that chimera or a mob of bandits  even on the easy setting. The battle system and menu options are great and quite user friendly. The scenery is simply breathtaking with views of seaside cliffs and spooky forests.

What a view!

 The star of the show for me is the incredible Pawn system. When you go adventuring in Dragon's Dogma, you get to create your own pawn, how it looks, job class, etc. and you can recruit two support pawns for your party. Other players can hire your pawn and you can hire theirs from an in town hub called The Rift. Pawns can be rated based on their skills, helpfulness, intelligence, and appearance. You can also give gifts to the pawn for their owner as a thank you for their service. If you're online, you will see pawns roaming the world on the road or in towns and you can hire them. Your main pawn's interaction depends on you and it will evolve based on your battle moves and what you tell it in the training chair at every town's inn, making it the helpful ally that a high adventurer needs. The pawns are quite vocal and will even yell out helpful tips about defeating a boss or that pesky golem giving you trouble. Pawns can be fighters, warriors, striders, rangers, mages, and sorcerers. This gives you quite a variety of choices in picking out a party that is suited to your battle style and tastes.

Great support pawns are wonderful to have.

Overall the game is a big win in my book for having not only great gameplay, but also for having a truly interesting story and side quests rife with epic mythical monster battles. Dragon's Dogma is game that you will enjoy playing again and again.

Yes, there are griffins!

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