Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gaymer Con Point Of View Article

A lot of people have been discussing Gaymer Con, some of it positive some of it not so positive. I for one can understand the desire to hang out with people of similar interests and tastes, so it's really not a big deal to me that people want to have this. What I can't understand is some of the blatant hatred going on towards people for proposing to have Gaymer Con.  It's one thing to agree to disagree, but it's the execution of the disagreeing I have a problem with. You can disagree with a person on something without resorting to name calling and inflammatory bigotry. Maybe it's me, but my take on Gaymer Con is if they want to have it go for it, it's not a big deal. It's not going to hurt anyone by setting this up and everyone is welcome.
 I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jim Sterling wrote what I felt was an insightful article that raised some very good and valid points about why it is important to some people to have Gaymer Con on the Destructoid website which you can check out here:

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