Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Geek Girl Seduction Article, You're Doing It Wrong...

I usually like Geeks Are Sexy. They post cool stuff, well stuff that pertains to my interests like robots, comic books, Doctor Who, Star Trek, etc. but they posted an article that left me scratching my head. It was titled How To Seduce A Geek Girl and after reading it, I felt a bad taste in my mouth. The taste got worse when I saw that a girl had written it. In regards to the girl who wrote it, a part of me wants to ask what she was thinking when she wrote it because while some girls may be into those things not everyone is. The article seems to state that all geek girls are the same and like only these few things that are listed. Read here:
 My big issue is the first line that states geek girls are their own breed. Seriously? It's not as if we're some kind of rare mystical animal like a unicorn. The point is, every geek girl is different and what one girl may geek out over, another one may not find that particular subject interesting. For example, if Batman and The Doctor (yes as in Doctor Who) were in front of me right now and asked me if I would like to go for a ride, I'd pick The Doctor because for me it's all about getting to time travel in the TARDIS with the Doctor and having all kinds of incredible adventures, (sorry, Batman) even though I like Batman too. I just love Doctor Who a little bit more.
 Then we come to the part where it hints that geek girls will never like anything from pop culture ever. I have several geek friends who like quite a few things from pop culture, not everything but a few things. There's also a myth thrown in there that geek girls ONLY seem to like fantasy movies like Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Labyrinth, and the like. While I do love fantasy films and books ( I grew up on them due to all the wonderful books my grandmother had in the house and watched many fantasy and science fiction films and shows with her.), I am also equally in love with science fiction and if it has giant robots in it I'm in geek heaven. It's also why I love Spock and Sulu and why my husband teases me about my huge crush on Patrick Stewart. He'll even do the Captain Picard voice just to tease me about it, but you know what? I LOVE it.
 Then there's a weird part in the article about candy and about how geek girls should be given things like space ice cream and Sour Patch Kids and no chocolate. I know. I shed a tear at that too. I love chocolate especially dark chocolate and I love gifts of my favorite dark chocolate. I'm sorry, but I don't like space ice cream and if you give me that I'm probably going to raise my eyebrows at you quizzically and ask you what you did with my chocolate. I also don't like Dippin' Dots. I think they're weird.
 I can also honestly say I have never cosplayed anything remotely Battlestar Galactica oriented in the bedroom like this article suggests to do in order to seduce your geek girl. I like the show, but I can't see myself doing that. How does that work anyway? Does one get to be the evil cylon and you their clone? Or do you pretend the cylon is there with their clone and you get to participate? For the record, I've never done the Princess Leia slave girl scenario either. If that is your kind of party, then have at it. For me, it's not my thing.
 Now before everyone gets all riled up, let me be clear. I know that everyone is different and everyone has their own views and opinions about things. So yes, this article is one person's opinion and it shows a different view. However, in my opinion I disagree with a lot of things in it, mainly the idea that geek girls can be put into some kind of perfect cookie cutter form and we're all basically the same. That just isn't so. Geeks (girls and guys) come from all walks of life, have varying passions, interests, and come in all shapes and sizes. There is no one size fits all type.  One thing I do agree with in it is getting to know the person's interests and likes because that is part of getting to know them and you never know, you could have many likes and dislikes in common with them. Just by having a normal conversation, you can get to know a lot about a person. That applies to everyone not just geeks. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised.


  1. I agree with you there.

    They're assuming a one size fits all approach! Geeks come in a variety....instead of that line about "don't do chocolate"....should have been something about having a variety of tastes...some don't like chocolate, some want ANYTHING with chocolate, and some have very specific tastes in chocolate (like "mainstream" people as well. Do you have a favorite chocolate bar or candy that stands out from all the rest? I'm sure you do)

    What is "Space Ice Cream"?

    And by the looks of things, you are turned on by way more things in movies than teleportation!

    I get the impression the author of this article only knows a handful of Geek girls and is making an assumption based on that!

  2. Exactly. Variety is the spice of life and everyone is different. Space ice cream is actually freeze dried ice cream which is sealed in a pouch and requires no refrigeration. Perfect for astronauts in space! :) You can actually buy it from the gift shop in the Air And Space Museum in Washington D.C. which is pretty cool.