Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Phantasy Star Online Beta Starts June 21st

The pre open beta for Phantasy Star 2 was a success with 41,500 people on Saturday according to the blog. That's pretty amazing and now the beta for PSO2 starts on June 21st. The game is free to play and items that are exclusive or creating another character will cost Ark Cash.
 Just from what I saw from the pre open beta, the game looks amazing and the game play is great. I'm excited to play and many friends I've chatted with share that excitement. I know my husband is looking forward to playing and has been counting down to the day the beta starts.
The Phantasy Star Fan blog has a post about the beta schedule here:
They also have a great post with a walk through of the basics of the game and helpful tips about the camera and keyboard settings here:
There are a lot of other great blog posts too ranging from things such as character creation guides to a rare items and weapons list. Oh, and you can follow them on Facebook too for all things relating to Phantasy Star 2. I'm definitely looking forward to having fun with this game and I'm sure others are too.