Friday, August 26, 2011

Too Little Too Late GameStop

 Ever since the incident with the STORE manager of the GameStop near us we have refused to buy anything from them ever again. Basically, the manager talked down to my husband as if he was an idiot about them being out of stock when we were considering buying a PS3 and as my husband started to ask a different question, said manager interrupted him quite rudely with, "And no we DO NOT hold them for anyone." He proved not only was he a complete and utter tool, but also that he had no business doing anything remotely customer service related. He also needed a lesson in Manners 101. We left and bought the PS3 elsewhere for a much cheaper price than theirs.
 Now, GameStop has confirmed my belief that we are absolutely right to never purchase anything from them again with the latest fiasco involving the Deus Ex: Human Revolution coupons that offer a code to play the game for free online using the gaming service OnLive. GameStop was removing the coupons. That's right, they were opening the games and REMOVING the coupons and selling them as "brand new" to us the customers. Why did they do this? Because of an email from the field operations manager of GameStop telling their employees to remove the coupons and discard them with the reasoning that Square Enix had put their competitor's coupon in the game and that as a retailer, they do not wish to promote their competitor's  business.
 Here's where I get a bit angry at corporate businesses like GameStop. While I understand that they were unhappy with Square Enix for putting a competitor's coupon into the game's packaging without their knowledge, opening a multi media package to take out its contents and then trying to pull one over on their customers by selling it as "new" is not only THEFT and FRAUD, it's also morally wrong. It makes them foolish and greedy. They screwed over a bunch of their customers because they don't want to lose money.
 The other side of that coin is it's called a class action lawsuit that is just burning to happen. While Square Enix has given a diplomatic response stating that they respect the rights of GameStop to have final say over the contents of their product, I'm sure they're just biding their time. Square Enix is the publisher of this game and as the publisher they have every right to put whatever coupon, promotional item, or gift they want to in their packaging and not have to worry about their product being tampered with and not getting to the consumers in the original condition it was packaged in. Frankly, because of the conceited and reckless decision of the GameStop corporate big wigs, Square Enix is within their rights to sue the holy hell out of them. See, GameStop has to fulfill their obligation too, one that doesn't involve tampering with the merchandise that is sent to them from the various video game publishers. Now that they have done this incredibly irresponsible thing, how many publishers do you think are going to work with them? They have essentially hung themselves with this action. It also proves a point that corporations like GameStop need to have a leash put on them so they do not do things like this that are akin to a two year old having a screaming tantrum, throwing their toys all over the place.
 GameStop can't afford to have this kind of bad publicity with businesses like Amazon, Valve, and Steam around. Why should we the consumers, purchase anything from a corporation that obviously cares NOTHING about its customers and only sees us as  piggy banks? The three companies that I mentioned offer video games, every video game that I know I personally have ever wanted  to play and I don't need to waste my time or money with a pathetic toothless dinosaur like GameStop.
 GameStop has since then offered an apology which you can read here on the Gamasutra website:
 I am amused that they think anyone in their right minds would give them more money after this. It was only AFTER they made world news with this nonsense that they offered an apology. Oh yes, they're sorry alright. They're sorry they got caught. This apology is too little too late GameStop and their days are numbered. All they have shown us is that they're nothing but soulless money sucking vampires who are willing to screw over others just to get ahead and that includes their customers. That is why GameStop deserves all the loss of business. Actions have consequences and GameStop's antics are no exception.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Brief Hiatus

 I know it's been a bit since my last entry and for that I apologize. I am on a bit of a hiatus while I'm getting real life things sorted out, mainly recovering from a very long summer and getting back into the swing of back to school and the holiday rush. Don't worry, there will be more posts soon. I have quite a lot to say about various books, films, and video games. =)