Monday, July 25, 2011

Capcom's Faux Pas Tango

 I'm still floored by this stunt Capcom pulled.  I just read this article here:
 Wow, talk about a major faux pas. Now please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the purpose of having a successful video game franchise was to NOT abuse, offend, and basically pass the buck onto your fan base. How does Capcom expect to make money if they alienate the people buying their games? So essentially not only did they want the fans to MAKE the Mega Man Legends 3 game for them, but they want to lay all the blame at their feet and not accept any responsibility at all. Also, claiming they were actually complaining about a marketing tool issue with Capcom, no one's buying that pathetic lie.
 There was so much that could have been done on Capcom's end, to get a read on how well the game would have done, simple things like releasing a prototype to the eshop and seeing how well it did, actually doing THEIR job developing it so it was up to snuff with Capcom's quality levels, and actually be proactive promoting the game. Blaming the fans not only shows that they have utter disdain for the people who give them money, but a lack of responsibility and decency as human beings on their end.
There are fans.  Heck, I'm one of them. It really irritates me that Capcom thinks they can be money grubbing weasels and then turn around and blame their fans for dropping a game, instead of themselves. Bottom line, they could have released the prototype version and given the game a chance, could have given the fans a chance to decide and give feedback on it. Instead they made a rash decision, and rubbed salt in the wound by blaming the fans. Of course that was going to bite them in the ass! So now, Capcom has a lot of angry fans and people saying they're boycotting Capcom because of this. Congratulations, Capcom. You just shot yourself in the foot with this ridiculous nonsense. I hope losing all that money is worth it, because that's what happens when you anger the people that buy your merchandise. Well done.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hollywood This Has To Stop

 Look, I get it. It costs less money to just remake a film that was pretty good or great and anything that saves a film studio money must be a good thing. Not all remakes are bad. Look at True Grit. That was well done not only because of the directors, but also because of the great cast. However, there is a surge of so many remakes going on right now it's ridiculous. It makes me wonder along with many other individuals if you are truly that hard pressed for original ideas.
 Case in point, Teen Wolf. Are you kidding? Before anyone brings up the reasoning that it's MTV and they ruin everything (yes, we already know they ruin everything, look at Jersey Shore) it shouldn't have been dubbed a remake at all. Not only was it dark, they completely got the story wrong. Remember how the movie went? He wasn't bitten, he inherited it from his father. It wasn't dark and scary. It was campy and fun. So in all fairness that horrid television show MTV put on the air can not be properly dubbed a remake. It's more like what happens when bad writers happen to good ideas, also why MTV needs to dig a hole for itself and die already.
 The other things though that are being remade, I'm appalled at. I already suffered through The Green Hornet, what makes you idiots think I'm going to suffer through other terrible remakes? Oh sure, the Fright Night remake has David Tennant, but even after watching the preview trailers, I'm not convinced that the former Doctor Who actor can save it from mediocrity. You want to remake Carrie? Why? It already got one terrible remake, why waste time and money on a second one? Total Recall doesn't need to be remade either. What could you guys possibly do that would make it better than the original? Robocop, Metropolis, and Romancing The Stone remakes, where does it END?
 Finally, we come to the talks about a remake that put me over the edge. It is the last and final straw for me. I read an article with the headline Spike Lee In Talks To Direct Remake Of Oldboy. That's it. I'm convinced Hollywood, that you have lost your damn minds. First of all, HOW DARE YOU. Have you learned nothing from the flops that happened when you did remakes of Asian horror films and Asian films? I'm looking at you Pulse and Shall We Dance. Oldboy is by and far one of my favorite Asian cinema films. It's a brilliant film. The fact that you would insult it in this fashion is despicable and then you pick Spike Lee as your director? That's not even the right choice for directors. Overall, the whole concept is dreadful. That is absolutely a movie that NEVER needs to be remade. You don't remake brilliant works of art! We don't need an English language version of this film and we sure as hell don't need Spike Lee directing it. Bottom line this is not what you do to great films to save money. Get your own damn ideas and quit wasting everyone's time.
 This madness has to stop. You also have to quit doing that 3D gimmick. We all know it's a crutch so you can make more money on your already overpriced tickets. Think I'm kidding? One title. Piranha 3-D.