Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays!

 I'm on a bit of a hiatus due to the holiday season. I'll be back after Christmas or the new year. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a happy holiday season!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 500 Pound Pink Gorilla

I was incredibly ticked off after I read this article:

 I'm sure the Susan G. Komen Foundation started out with the best of intentions, but now they have become the 500 pound pink gorilla smashing everyone in the room. I have lost so many people I loved and cared about to cancer so this really makes me sick to my stomach. Shouldn't we all be working together to find a cure for cancer of all types? I don't think it should focus on just breast cancer or just leukemia, but all of it geared towards cancer research and finding a cure for all.
 Instead, it seems the Komen Foundation are suing any and every of the smaller cancer charities using the words "cure" or "for the cure" and suing them for using the color pink. They claim it's their trademark and their brand, but honestly how do you own a color or a word? Frankly, I think this is completely ridiculous reasoning. One particular charity that they did this to that really stuck in my craw was Kites For A Cure, a family kite flying  charity event that donates to lung cancer research. This didn't threaten them in any way and it was a family oriented event for a different type of cancer, yet the pink gorilla sent a nasty letter anyway about ceasing said phrase of "for the cure" and usage of the color pink.
 It's as if the Komen Foundation is more concerned with protecting their brand and trademark rather than focusing on actual cancer research and that's appalling. It's blatantly clear that a lot of the donations they've received have been used for their lawyers and policing (see bullying) the smaller charities. They will never see one dime from me and many others feel the same. They have forgotten what it truly means to be a charity and instead have turned into 500 pound pink gorilla thugs and I can not and will not respect that. You can't hide behind your lawyers and your big corporate title bullying others while advocating how much good you've done. One does not cancel out the other. If you act like a big jerk long enough, people do notice and they do call you on it. The focus needs to be on researching preventing and curing cancer together, not stomping on the little guys because you're more concerned with making money. That's not okay.
 Personally for me, these are the following cancer research charities that understand what it means to be a charity and what it means to fund the donations to research ways to prevent and cure cancer:
American Cancer Society
Cancer Support Services Inc
National Breast Cancer Foundation
Cancer Sucks
American Institute Cancer

We need to work together, not fight each other and fall apart. Remember who you were before you became a 500 pound pink gorilla Susan G. Komen Foundation.