Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why You Should Ignore The Story Line In Metroid: Other M

 I have heard all the arguments about the new Metroid game including a lot of male gamers stating that the female gamers are too sensitive to the issue. My reply to that is, if you have played any of the other Metroid games you know exactly the kind of bad ass heroine Samus is, so this subservient drone like Samus in Metroid Other M is not only insulting, but ridiculous. The fact that Samus chooses not to use her power boosts because the males have not told her it's okay to do so does not appeal to those of us who love the kick ass heroine ideal of Samus. Instead, we get overly long monologues that make Samus sound like an overly emotional 13 year old girl who loves to write cute little notes for her cat and doodle hearts on her binder. It literally makes you want to punch someone in the throat and just skip every single cut scene with her voice droning on and on, because this Samus screams of insecure immaturity which does not mesh well with previous Metroid games.
 I did see and try out the game for myself and came to this conclusion. If you ignore the story line completely in Metroid Other M, the game is not that bad. The graphics have that old school feel, but do not look dated. The game play is pretty well thought out and while you will get stuck on a puzzle here and there, they do leave subtle hints to get you past it. They have stayed true to the atmosphere and spirit of Metroid game play, but brought a refreshing take of the new with it.
 Overall, it's a solid game, but not a great one. They could have done more and done better with Samus. A lot of people that I have spoken to about the game, are of the opinion that perhaps they shouldn't have given Samus a voice at all. I'm inclined to agree. So while the story is laughable, if you ignore it completely it makes Metroid Other M actually fun to play in spite of the fact that you don't get to use half the great power boosts until nearly the end of the game. I would suggest you rent it or at least buy it at a discount, because while it's a solid game, it's not worth paying full price for at all.

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