Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sci Fi Science Physics Of The Impossible Educational And Awesome

 I got hooked on this television show on the Science channel called Sci Fi Science: Physics Of The Impossible. Not only did it have a scientist that I respect and admire, Dr. Michio Kaku, but it also had the excitement of impossible ideas in science fiction being made possible because of theoretical physics and science. With episodes ranging from working light sabers to traveling at warp speed, Dr. Kaku shows us that what may seem far fetched is as close as our thoughts and imaginations.
 Each episode is thirty minutes long, but with a clear explanation of the project goal that Dr. Kaku wants to try out. He takes on an interesting scientific journey, sharing with us what he thinks could work and what drawbacks a potential plan could have. You feel as if you are having a conversation with a close friend as he explains what things will work and why. When he comes to his conclusion, there is a moment at the end of each show where he shares his idea with the sci-fi fans. The explanations are concise and beautifully explained with great illustrations to bring the idea to life. Not only does Dr. Kaku think of all the possibilities, he shares them with you and you realize that things like warp travel and traveling to a parallel universe is no longer the stuff of imagination and only in books. It's possible and Dr. Michio Kaku shows us exactly how in a way that is educational and awesome at the same time.
 Sci-Fi Science is on its second season this year and it's just as impressive as season one. There are so many great ideas in the science fiction world and Dr. Kaku is exploring all of them and sharing them with the rest of the world. If you haven't checked the show out and you're a science and science fiction fan, I strongly suggest that you do, because you will not only be entertained, you'll learn something pretty cool.
To check out episodes of the show check out their website: and if you would like to learn more about Dr. Michio Kaku and some of his theories you can check out his website here:

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