Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Great Things Coming To Warframe

It is amazing to me that Warframe is a free to play game because of how much fun it is to play and all the great things it already has. The story is interesting as well as the missions. Digital Extremes is always adding a lot of great content and opportunities to get free warframes. For example, a month ago if you signed up for Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime you got the Trinity Prime warframe for free.

My Trinity Prime ready to do missions.

There are often events too where you can get fun items for free like custom Halloween or Easter colors that you can use to customize your warframes. You can also get items like a jack o'lantern head for your warframe for a Halloween event. It just adds some fun to the game and it's always interesting to see what they come up with for the various holiday events.

Celebrating Halloween Warframe style. 

I like to play Warframe on PC and Playstation 4 because I have friends who play on both. I often play the game on PC on the weekends with my husband who is great at helping me get missions done and and helping me navigate upgrading my warframes. The gameplay is great on both platforms although PC gets the new stuff first, then the gaming consoles. Whichever one you play on, it's always great especially playing with friends. You can play the game on the Xbox One as well. 

Exploring missions on my Volt Prime on PS4. 

Both my husband and I were excited to get a free Ash Prime just from watching Digital Entertainment's Twitch livestream from TennoCon celebrating Warframe and announcing things that were coming to Warframe. The turnout for the livestream was incredible. About 350,000 people showed up to watch the Twitch livestream and it was fantastic. The community for Warframe is incredible because everyone loves the game and players help each other with missions, gameplay advice, and just have fun together. It's one of the things I love best about Warframe. There isn't any of that toxicity and everyone supports each other.

We were really excited for this and it did not disappoint. It was fun and the reveal showed all the great things coming to Warframe. It was amazing and my husband Ron and I were cheering and discussing how fantastic all of it was as we watched the livestream together. I was in awe that this is a free to play game because what is coming looks incredible. This is what happens when a gaming developer genuinely cares about its fan base. You get an amazing game that is truly for everyone. You can watch the TennoCon reveal video here: 

My personal favorite was the ship battle. It looked so great. Of course, all of it looks amazing and I can not wait to explore all the great new content coming.  There were so many people who watched the livestream it took a bit of time for everyone to get their free Ash Prime, but they worked on it to make sure everyone got theirs. I was quite excited to take mine out for a spin. It was fun doing missions with Ash Prime and checking out its abilities.

My Ash Prime and Ron's Umbra ready to do missions. 

Ron finally got his Ash Prime on Monday. I can't wait to go do missions with him this weekend. It's going to be a lot of fun! Warframe is one of those rare gems that is free to play, but is so incredible that you forget that it is. It has all the bells and whistles with a great gaming community and is just a lot of fun to play. See you at the next adventure, everyone!

My Ash Prime in spiffy colors. 

*Warframe is available to play on the following platforms: PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset

When I am not playing Final Fantasy XIV,  I play Elder Scrolls Online. I enjoy it because I can play it with friends or do a lot of adventuring on my own. I was looking forward to the latest expansion of Summerset so I pre-ordered it. If you got the collector's edition, it came with some pretty nice perks in the way of items. My personal favorite that I got to use right away was the Nightmare Senche mount.

The Nightmare Senche mount is very cool. 

The other great items that came with the Summerset collector's edition pre-order are: Court of Bedlam costume (costumes are like glamours that go over your armor), two non combat pets; pocket salamander and a baby gryphon, treasure maps, Psijiic vault crown crate, experience scrolls, and a Psijiic spectral horse mount. 

Court of Bedlam armor and baby gryphon pet. 

The spectral horse mount is fun to summon because it comes up from the ground. Its speed is fairly okay as well. You can add it to your collection if you bought the collector's edition of Summerset. Mounts are just for fun and a great way to travel around the world of Tamriel. 

The spectral horse mount is great too.

To start the Summerset quest line is easy enough. You can find it in your user interface menu. Once you accept the quest, you can travel to the realm of the high elves in the isle of Summerset. This is also where you start the Psijiic Order quests.

Accept this quest to go to Summerset.

Summerset is beautiful. The pretty colors of the trees and the surrounding areas as well as the cities show how much thought went into the new area. The high elves are pretty too of course, but as with the lore many of them are incredibly snooty and racist towards anyone who is not one of them. My little Khajiit, Piroluna had to tolerate many of them calling her an intrusive cat or a meddling foreigner and yet they needed her help for the main story quests. 

Piroluna arrives in Summerset.

The main story itself is pretty interesting and you meet with your old friend Razum-Dar who is investigating for Queen Ayrenn since he's known as the Queen's Eyes. The quests themselves are a lot of go to this location and defeat this villain or fetch this item which can get tedious at times, but the big thing is the story. The characters that are introduced are complex and interesting and of course exploring Summerset is a lot of fun because of the scenery and towns. 

Talking to Razum-Dar.

The Psijiic Order quests are a bit boring. Part of the problem is one quest that has you trying to find time breaches on a map. The thing is, the breaches are not marked on the map. You have to use a key item in your inventory and then play the most frustrating game of Hot and Cold ever. I don't mind a challenge, but this was incredibly time consuming to the point of frustration. I had to look up a guide showing breach locations on the map just to get it done. 

Another part of the quests was having to wait around for abyssal portals to open so you could defeat enemies. You can do this with a group of other players which is fine, but it can be a long wait for these portals. I spent a lot of time fishing while waiting. They need to make the waiting time a little shorter or at least give you an idea of how long the wait will be. You do get rewards for completing the Psijiic Order quests in the form of weapons, gear, crafting materials, and scrolls. A lot of the gear seems more beneficial to the mage class, but there are some items for damage dealer and tank classes too. 

Piroluna visits the Psijicc Order.

There are a couple of public group dungeons you can do as well. However, be warned these are very challenging. The enemies here are stronger and hit harder. Using your skills and teamwork are key here. That being said, the dungeons are fun and the rewards of armor and weapons for your job class are pretty nice. There are group raids you can do also that are fun to do with your friends. The great thing about Summerset is you can play solo if you wish or you can join group events. There is something for everyone here. 

Summerset overall is colorful and full of a lot of things to do and see. The main story is pretty good with nice rewards while the Psijiic Order quests are a little boring, but they offer good rewards too. It has something for veterans of the game and allows newbies to dip their toe in the water without overwhelming them. Summerset is a solid chapter in Elder Scrolls Online and offers a lot of adventure that is fun to play by yourself or with a group of your friends. 

One of the costume rewards from Summerset. 

*Elder Scrolls Online is available to play on the following platforms: PC, Playstation4, and Xbox One

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Adventures Of Pirotess: Gathering With Miner

Botanist is not the only gathering job in Final Fantasy XIV. Miner is another gathering job that is useful. Miners gather ores, precious stones, and fossils that can be used in various crafting jobs. To unlock the Miner job, visit the Miner's Guild in Ul'dahh and talk to the receptionist at the desk. Once you have your trusty pickaxe equipped, you can go gathering.

Talk to this NPC at the Miner's guild to unlock the job. 

There are tons of places you can gather on Miner. In order to find these items, you need to make use of your skills and abilities. Abilities like Lay of the Land show you where you can harvest items on the area map. They will look like small golden pickaxe icons on your map. These locations are where you go to gather materials needed for crafting jobs like blacksmith or armorer.

Use Lay of the Land to locate materials to be gathered.

In your gathering log, you can look to see what items are in the area that you can gather on Miner. As you level up a new gathering log will unlock revealing more items that can be gathered in different locations. A check mark will appear next to items you have successfully gathered. 

A list of items that you can gather in an area are in your gathering log. 

Places that can be harvested will have a sparkling point known as a gathering node. This shows that this is where you can gather materials. You can also use abilities like Sharp Vision which will enhance your mining abilities and help to ensure successfully gathering materials. 

Gathering nodes will sparkle like this. 

When you start gathering, your gathering log will pop up listing items you can harvest from the node with a percentage next to them. This shows you the average success rate of gathering these particular items from this node. Don't forget to use your abilities to help get the best rate of gathering on your Miner. 

Pirotess uses her gathering log to harvest materials.

 Just like with the other disciple of the hand and land crafting/gathering jobs, when you hit certain level caps you get a job specific quest from the guild master. For Miner, talk to the guild master NPC Adalberta for the quest. When you complete these quests you get your choice of gear for Miner. 

Talk to Adalberta for your job specific quests.

Miner is just as useful as Botanist for all your crafting jobs. As you can see, you can gather the elemental shards you need for crafting as well as the various materials needed for crafting on these jobs. Pair Botanist and Miner together and you will be able to have a majority of the things you need for your crafting. Get out there and start gathering. See you at the next adventure! 

*Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on the following platforms: PC and Playstation 4

Monday, June 11, 2018

Saying Goodbye To A Dear Friend

This is one of the hardest Mother Gamer posts to write because it is about a dear friend of mine who passed away suddenly. I had a difficult time writing about my friend MrsMagik/Tara when she passed away a few years ago from Cervical Cancer. It is never easy to say goodbye to the people we love and it is one of the parts of life that is truly heartbreaking. Today I'm writing about saying goodbye to a dear friend who has been part of my life for fifteen years, Rob who many of us knew by his gaming handle when we played Final Fantasy XI with him, Nedstark.

I first came to know Rob (Ned) when I started playing Final Fantasy XI. He came into our linkshell Crimson Kindred invited by our friend Cothius. He was cheerful, friendly, and cracked hilarious jokes that would have you laughing. I mentioned I liked his name and that was how we got to talking about the Game Of Thrones books and about how we both loved the character Ned Stark even though his story ended abruptly. I don't think he ever had a bad thing to say about anyone. That's just who he was. Level grinding could be a bit tedious sometimes in the game, but Rob made it fun with his banter, jokes, and the fact that he was just happy to be having fun with his friends.

It was Rob who gave me the nickname Killer. It was an inside joke about something that happened when we were level grinding in the game. Rob was leveling his paladin and I was leveling my samurai. We had a black mage in our pick up group and the mage was more than a little rude to him about holding hate. The thing is the mage was going to town with spells which many of us Final Fantasy veterans know is something you can not really do because it will make the beasties go for you. You have to space it out and tone it down. Rob was polite and explained this many times. We commented in our linkshell chat that we did not know how he could be so nice about this. Rob laughed it off saying it was just a game and he was trying to give the mage a chance. We keep going and again the mage is nuke happy, but Rob was actually a very good paladin and did his best and managed to keep up. However, the mage is again being rude and throws some insults his way. By that point I decided I had enough and did not like the way this person was treating my friend. I told them that I thought they were being incredibly rude and that even though my friend was being polite and doing his best they were on him and maybe they needed to remember it's just a game or they could do everyone a favor, take their nasty attitude, and go. There was a pause and then the mage apologized to all of us. Rob in our linkshell chat tells me, "Dang, Killer I think you may have made him cry. Remind me to never make you mad or at least give me a warning so I can hide all the knives." which had all of us laughing, but the name stuck. Rob was the only one who ever called me Killer and the only one who was allowed to. Even when we spoke on the phone he would always say, "Hey, Killer what's up?" and it would always make me smile.

Our group of friends was pretty close knit and we would do a lot of things together in the game. Brenner was one of the things that we did as a group (it's like a game of Capture the flag) and it was something fun to do together in between level grinds and quests.

Everyone in Crimson Kindred meeting for Brenner.

Another event we liked doing together was Dynamis. Dynamis was much more challenging and there were so many wipes, but again it was something Rob made fun with his jovial nature and jokes. That was the thing about him that stood out the most, he was always happy to be there and having fun in the game with us his friends.

Doing a Daynamis run. 

Many of us became more than gaming friends, we became real life friends. We exchanged phone numbers, emails, and eventually Facebook. Rob and I would have a lot of great conversations about books, gaming, and what was going on in our lives in general. When I was going through the divorce with my ex-husband it was a very low point in my life. My three daughters were very young at the time and I was doing everything I could to keep it together, but I was struggling. Still, I did my best to put on a brave face, but I think Rob knew and he would call often and say he was just checking to see how I was doing. I was grateful that he did that because it helped me immensely to feel less alone. He encouraged me and offered supportive wisdom about how to handle everything. I am glad I was able to thank him for being there when I needed a friend. All he said to me about that was, "That's what friends do for each other, Killer. I'm glad I was able to help in some small way." No, Rob. It was a big way and I'm forever grateful for it.

Final Fantasy XI is also how I came to be friends with my husband Ron (Sheitara) and he was friends with Rob too. When I first mentioned having reservations about my first date with Ron, it was Rob who said he thought Ron was a good guy. He told me, "Give him a chance, he may surprise you." I did give Ron a chance and he did surprise me with how incredibly kind he was, how much he understood me, and how we liked a lot of the same things and had fun together. Rob was genuinely happy for both of us when we got married saying it was a perfect match. 

My character and Ron's character from Final Fantasy XI together. 

There were so many adventures we had together in Final Fantasy XI. Rob couldn't be there for all of them, but we understood. Real life comes first. He had a wife and two young sons and work of course. Whenever he spoke about his family there was always love and joy in his voice. He loved his family and you could hear it when he spoke about them and see it on his Facebook in every photo and video he shared of time with them. We did a Christmas party in the game and he couldn't make it, but I sent him the picture we took and he stated that it made him smile, that he missed everyone, and he was glad we had fun.

Final Fantasy XI Christmas party.

Rob played when he had free time here and there. We'd go exploring in the new areas with updates, we'd check out scheduled events, and do level grind sessions when we all had time. Our favorite event was the one where you ate a cookie and it turned you into a little kid. Rob thought it was hilarious us running around as little kids in town in the game. No matter what we were doing, we always had fun together.

Doing the turn into kids event with Nedstark.

Last week Rob was taken from us suddenly when he died in a tragic accident while he was on site at work. He was only 38 years old. All of us who knew him are struggling with why this happened and coping with the loss of his light from this world. Rob was one of those rare souls who could talk to a total stranger and make them feel like they had known him for years. He was always able to make you laugh or smile with his humor and good cheer. His love for his family and friends was immense. Rob was a kindred spirit and all of us who loved him are missing him terribly. Our hearts are heavy as we mourn his loss with his family. Saying goodbye to a dear friend is painful and sad because of how much they meant to us and how they made us feel when they were here. Rob made so many of us feel happy and loved just being around him or having a great conversation with him. He was a husband, a father, a son, and a friend. He was someone that shared his love of life with all of us and it is hard to believe that we'll never hear his hearty laugh or see his happy go lucky smile again. I hope he knew how many people loved him and appreciated the incredible person he was. Until we see you again, Rob. Thank you for sharing your light and joy with us. We love you. 

Goodbye, Rob. We love you and miss you. 

*Note: This link is a fundraiser for Rob's family. This is to help them with whatever they may need during this difficult time. Please donate if you can or share it. Thank you. Much love to you all. To donate and share click the link here:  https://www.gofundme.com/love-for-the-smith-family

Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Adventures Of Pirotess: Exploring Patch 4.2 and Patch 4.3

 I have been a bit busy lately with running my knitting shop on Etsy and day to day things so I am combining Patch 4.2 and 4.3 for this Mother Gamer blog post. Final Fantasy XIV's latest patches of 4.2 and 4.3 are fairly big with some new adventures and new areas.

Let's start with the 4.2 patch. The big thing is the new area of Eureka Anemos. This is a huge area and it is an instance, but unlike the regular instances you can stay in here exploring for a very long time, up to 180 minutes. Up to 144 players can be in this instance and you can use the party functions in here. There are also NPC merchants and menders here as well as weather reporters. The weather reporters are important because in Eureka the elements are a challenge. You will need to increase your elemental levels. Your progress in here is saved, so when you leave and come back you can start where you left off. Be aware that Eureka is incredibly challenging and the monsters here are quite strong, so going with a party is a good idea. The leveling is different here too because you have a Magia board and magicite that controls the elements.

Pirotess in Eureka. Up top is the Magia board. 

There is main story content as well for Stormblood with Rise Of A New Sun. Here you get to see Lord Hien again and many other familiar faces. The fight with the Garlean empire isn't quite over and there is the rise of a new villain, Asahi who while not as ruthless as Zenos was is still quite the jerk.

Lord Hien meets with Asahi.

There is no specific story dungeon, but there are a couple of story instances that you have to do. They're not too difficult to do, but it is a good idea to make sure your gear level is at least 300 to ensure that you don't have too much trouble. The rest of it is a lot of cutscenes, but the story is interesting.

Pirotess battling with friends against the Garleans.

There is a side quest dungeon in Hell's Lid and again make sure your gear score is the right level so you can do it. Of course, it wouldn't be Final Fantasy XIV without a new Hildibrand quest. Yes, our favorite investigator is back for a short, but fun adventure. I enjoyed seeing him again because Hildibrand always makes me giggle and the mysteries are funny and well done.

Hildibrand is back!

Now we go into Patch 4.3 and this has more of the main story content with Under The Moonlight. The starting quest for this is Gosetsu and Tsuyu. Once that is started you get to visit with Lord Hien again and other familiar faces. 

Pirotess starts the main story quest for patch 4.3.

There is a lot of going back and forth for the cutscenes, but the story is well done. Lord Hien continues to be a very likable character for me because he is kind and genuinely cares about everyone. I of course also liked seeing Aphinaud and Alisae again as well.

Pirotess meets with Lord Hien and friends. 

Our villainous friend Asahi makes an appearance too and plays heavily in the story here. This leads up to a primal fight instance that you need to do for the story. Honestly I do not like primal fights because they are a huge pain, but thanks to all the amazing people in my Free Company we get things done. This primal fight  is quite interesting and it does add some great elements to the story. 

Asahi isn't quite as menacing as Zenos, but he is a jerk.

There is another return to Ivalice quest and there is a fight you have to do battling red chocobos. This is a simple fight, but watch out for the meteor attack because the chocobos cast it a lot. This also opens another raid that you can do with your fellow adventurers.

Pirotess battling red chocobos. 

There is also a new beastmen tribe quest you can do and this time it's with the adorable catfish people, the Namazu. The quests for them are different in the fact that you must be on a Disciple of the Land or Disciple of the Hand crafting job. There are a lot of crafting quests with them, and when you complete the quest One Size Fits All, this unlocks the Namazu vendor. 

Get daily quests from the adorable Namazu.

Another new feature for Patch 4.3 is area achievements. Complete specific achievements for these areas and you are awarded a certain amount of points for each one. You can trade some of these points for item rewards with the NPC in Gridania like fishing gear or battle accessories. I do wish you had the option to turn off the achievements pop up because it can be a little annoying the way it pops up every time you enter an area. There is also one other thing that is cool and that is cross-world linkshell. This allows you to talk to friends on other servers. The only downside is that you can have only one cross-world linkshell. Maybe later on, they will make it so you can have more. The limit to one may just be to see how it affects all the servers before they expand on it. For right now though even with just one, it is nice that you can chat with your friends on other servers.

List of achievements you can do for points. 

As you can see Patch 4.2 and 4.3 are huge with a lot of  great story content, new areas, and lots of stuff to see and do. The addition of the Namazu quests are my personal favorite because I think they are funny and adorable. I am hoping Hildibrand will make another appearance again soon because those quests are always fun. In the meantime, I'm set to go adventuring with my friends and explore more of the new content. See you at the next adventure!

Pirotess is off on another adventure.

*Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on the following platforms: PC and Playstation 4

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Adventures Of Pirotess: Crafting With Leatherworker

 Crafting in Final Fantasy XIV is a lot of fun and I have been enjoying it. Today, we're taking a look at the crafting job of Leatherworker. In order to unlock this crafting job, you need to travel to the Leatherworker's guild in Gridania.

Pirotess at the Leatherworker's Guild.

Leatherworker is useful for making armor for adventurers as well as crafting gear. Bards and monks especially benefit from having someone who is a leatherworker because they can make a lot of battlecraft gear and armor for them. To craft items, you can check your crafting log and choose an item appropriate for your level. A check mark will appear next to the item you have successfully crafted. Wind and earth shards are heavily used in leatherworker so having botanist and miner leveled will help gather those for your crafting. You can also buy basic materials at lower levels from the guild supplier. For more advanced items you will need to have certain crafting jobs and both gathering jobs unlocked. You can also shop around for needed items on the market boards. Remember, take your time when shopping on the market boards in order to get the best deal for your supplies. 

Use your crafting log to craft selected items.

In order to craft an item, use your set of skills. Skills such as steady hand will help you craft steadily without breaking any materials. Masters mend will repair item durability while you are crafting to ensure that you complete a finished item without synthesis failure. Leatherworker skills take time and patience, but when you do it right crafting is a cinch.

Use your skills to successfully craft.

Armor and tradecraft gear is not the only thing you can make on leatherworker. You can also make housing items such as furniture and outdoor items. Housing items are a little more difficult to make, but they are worth it because you can make quite a bit of gil on the market boards with them. Just remember to use your skills as necessary, be patient, and you will be able to craft them easily.

Craft housing items with your Leatherworker to make some extra gil.

Another thing you can do to craft is something called quick synthesis. Quick synthesis allows you to make multiples of one item as long as you have all the materials for it. For example, if you want to craft two headpieces, you can do that with quick synthesis. From your crafting log, select the quick synthesis tab and enter the amount of the item you wish to make. This is a fast way to make something, but be warned that it does not ensure that you will automatically have a high quality item and for more challenging items you may have one or two failures. 

Use quick synthesis to craft multiple items.

For all of your crafting needs, food can be a great booster. This is where culinarian comes in handy because there are a ton of dishes that can boost things such as crafstmanship and control points which can help with your crafting a lot. For my leatherworker I like to use baked onion soup because it enhances crafstmanship and I can use multiple servings depending on how long I want to craft. 

Use food like baked onion soup to enhance your crafting skills.

As with the other crafting jobs, when you hit certain levels you will be able to do a job specific quest which you get from the guild master NPC Geva. You will have to use your leatherworker skills to craft the item that she requests and present it to her. When you complete the quest, you will receive an upgraded leatherworker tool for your level and your choice of job specific gear with stats on it that help enhance your crafting skills. 

Pirotess talks to guild master Geva for her leatherworker quest.

Leatherworker is not just useful, it is fun to craft with. There is a vast variety of items you can craft ranging from armor to housing items. It complements really well with jobs like carpenter and blacksmith which opens up even more crafting options. If you're interested in trying it out, head to Gridania and visit the Leatherworker's guild and start crafting. See you at the next adventure!

Thanks for reading. See you at the next adventure!

*Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on the following platforms: PC and Playstation 4

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Adventures Of Pirotess: Crafting With Armorer

 Last time we explored the crafting job of Blacksmith. Today, we're looking at a crafting job that goes very well with Blacksmith, Armorer. Conveniently, both the Armorer and Blacksmith guild are in the same building in Limsa Lominsa so you can unlock both jobs at the same time at the receptionist desk.

Blacksmith and Armorer receptionist desk are next to each other. Convenient!

Again, having other crafting jobs unlocked and leveled such as leatherworker and blacksmith are helpful for Armorer because some crafting recipes require materials or items from those crafting jobs. In your crafting log, you will find items that you can craft according to your level. You will use ice shards and earth shards for Armorer so having gathering jobs like botanist and miner will help with that when you need to restock on them and for supplying yourself with other needed materials. Your two most important tools for your armorer are a hammer and a pair of pliers. 

You have a set of skills for armorer that will help in your crafting. Steady hand for example, helps increase the success of crafting an item without breaking. Using higher quality items and the skills that enhance the quality will help in successfully creating a high quality item which you can sell for a lot more gil on the market boards. Patience is the key because for more challenging recipes, you will have crafting failures. 

Pirotess crafts an iron shield.

You don't have to just craft armor. In your crafting log there is a tab for housing items. You can craft furniture, lamps, and windows for housing. These can also be crafted according to your level. Housing items are a little more difficult, but practice makes perfect. You can also use food to enhance your crafting skills which is very helpful. Remember to use your skills to successfully craft these housing items. You can decorate your own house or sell them on the market board for a good amount of gil to help fund your adventures. 

Craft housing items on armorer from your crafting log.

Once a recipe is completed you will get a notification that it is done and a check mark will appear in your crafting log next to the items you have crafted. This is a great way to keep track of items, levels, and things yet to be crafted. 

Crafting complete message appears. 

At certain levels like level 10 you will get a notification that you can do a job specific quest. For Armorer you talk to the guild master NPC H'naanza and you will have to craft an item and present it to her. Once the quest is finished, you get upgraded tools and your choice of gear for your armorer. 

Pirotess gets her armorer quest from H'naanza.

Armorer is a lot of fun and it's fairly easy to get materials for it when you are first starting out. Because the blacksmith's guild and armorer's guild are in the same building and right next to each other, you can easily purchase the things you need to craft from the NPC guild vendors. 

Pirotess buys supplies from the guild vendors.

For higher levels, you can either have other crafting jobs properly leveled or you can visit the market boards to get the materials you need. Do be picky about who you buy from on the market boards. It's okay to shop around for the best price. Sometimes you need to wait a few days for prices to drop and that's okay too because you want to make more gil than you spend. Once you get what you need, you can keep crafting away. 

Pirotess shops the market boards. 

Armorer is not just fun, it's useful. You can make armor, shields, and housing items for yourself, your friends, and your fellow adventurers. It's a perfect complementing job to blacksmith because you can make weapons also. It's a great crafting job and a nice break from adventuring. Head to the guild in Limsa Lominsa and check it out for yourself. See you at the next adventure, everyone! 

See you at the next adventure!

*Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on the following platforms: PC and Playstation 4