Monday, January 22, 2018

The Adventures Of Pirotess: Crafting With Carpenter

Carpenter is another favorite job class for me after Culinarian. With a saw and a hammer as your tools, you can work with wood and metal to create a variety of useful items for you and your fellow adventurers. The Carpenter's Guild is located in Gridania and when you're first starting out you can buy the materials needed for crafting from the guild supplier NPC.

Pirotess buys crafting materials at the Carpenter's Guild.

As with all of the crafting jobs, you have a certain amount of control points while you are crafting along with job abilities to make sure your crafting is successful. Having gear equipped that adds to your control points and crafting abilities is quite helpful. Shout out to my friend Sekilini for crafting gear for me for my crafting jobs that does just that. This is also where Culinarian comes in handy, because you can craft meals that will enhance your crafting abilities also. 

The list of things you can craft starts simply at first and then as you reach higher levels they become more challenging. Expect a lot of crafting failures and loss of shards and crafting items with the more difficult items because they are meant to be hard to craft. Once you successfully craft those items though it's pretty awesome. 

Carpenter crafting list.

Some of the materials needed you will have to get on other crafting jobs. For example, if you need steel ingots you can get those from Blacksmith or Armorer. You can also purchase these from the Amalj'aa vendor in in Southern Thanlan. Other items like aldgoat leather require crafting on Leatherworker. Checking the market boards for items you may need is helpful as well. My advice is shop around because you want to get what you need at a reasonable price. I have actually waited a few days to see if things drop in price or if more become available for sale. There's no rush with crafting and you can take as much time as you need. 

Pirotess crafting away in the Carpenter's Guild. 

One of the fun things I liked about Carpenter was the fact that you can craft furniture. I made tables, chairs, and shelves to start. These are a bit of a challenge to make at first, but once you get the hang of crafting them, it does get easier. Just watch your control points, use your enhancing foods, and use your crafting abilities. Once you get on a roll, you can craft these things to your heart's content and a lot of the more difficult furniture items sell for a pretty hefty amount of gil on the marketplace boards.

List of furniture items that can be crafted on Carpenter.

At certain levels you will get a job specific quest from the guild master NPC, Beatin. This requires you to craft an item or a certain number of items that he requests and then you present it to him or whichever NPC is involved in the quest. Besides the usual experience points you will also receive gil and one piece of crafting gear. 

Pirotess getting a job quest from Beatin.

Carpenter is a lot of fun and it offers so many useful items. It is easy to level it up alongside the other crafting classes and you can cross level it easily with jobs like Leatherworker, Blacksmith, and Armorer. Of course Botanist and Miner goes well with it also because you will need elemental shards in order to craft. I will often switch to carpenter when I'm waiting to run a dungeon with friends or do some PVP and get a bit of crafting in. If you're interested, give Carpenter a try and make some amazing things for yourself or your friends. 

I would also like to take the time to thank everyone in my Free Company, Short Bus for always encouraging my love of crafting by making me gear that will help with it or sending me crafting materials. Huge thanks especially to my friends Sekilini, Sol'a, Snuky, and Bezra who go above and beyond crafting me gear, sending me items during their adventures, or asking if there's anything I need for crafting. I appreciate it a lot and I'm glad I have such great friends to go adventuring with. If any of my fellow gamers are ever on Lamia server, look us up and come join the fun. We always have a good time. See you at the next adventure everyone!

See you at the next adventure!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Adventures Of Pirotess: Goldsmith, Interesting And Fun

I have been playing with the crafting jobs and liking them a lot. Goldsmith was the next crafting job I tried out. Goldsmith is for making things adventurers can use. Goldsmiths can make a variety of things ranging from weapons to accessories such as earrings. Goldsmiths can also make components used in other crafting jobs. It is quite useful and mixes in well with the other crafting jobs.

Some of the things Goldsmith can make. 

One job that is essential and complementary with goldsmith is miner. Miner is a must because so much of the materials goldsmith crafts with are ores and gems. Miner will also help get the elemental shards you need for crafting along with botanist. Once you have everything you need, you can start crafting. When you level up at certain levels such as level 15, you get a crafting quest where you have to make a specific item and present it to the guild master.

Pirotess presenting her crafted item. 

As with crafting jobs like culinarian, the better the quality of your items, the better your chances of crafting a high quality item. Goldsmith has skills that will help increase those chances also such as Flawless Synthesis and Advanced Touch. There are leve quests you can do for this job also which help with your leveling as well.

Pirotess crafting and using her skills. 

The crafting gets a bit more challenging at higher levels so you will need some patience. Don't expect to get it on the first try, there will be moments where your synthesis fails. Once you successfully craft the more difficult pieces however, the experience points reward you get is great and that sense of accomplishment. Goldsmith is an interesting crafting job and it is fun creating a myriad of items that can be used for crafting or adventuring. Give it a try sometime. See you at the next adventure!

Pirotess crafting at the Goldsmith's Guild. 

*Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on the following platforms: PC and Playstation4

Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Adventures Of Pirotess: Starlight Celebration

 It's Christmas time in the world of Eorzea! The Starlight Celebration which is the Christmas event for Final Fantasy XIV is in full swing. All the towns have cheerful Christmas decorations and even in our Free Company neighborhood there are pretty Christmas trees.

It's Christmas time!

To start the quest for the Starlight Celebration event you must be level 15 or higher. You need to teleport to Gridania, head over to Mi Khetto's Amphitheater, and talk to the NPC Amh Garanjy.

Pirotess gets the Christmas quest started.

Amh Garanjy will give you the quest Stars and Explosions and Bears, Oh My and tell you that you need to go to Bentbranch Meadows where there is some trouble and that she needs your help to save the Starlight Celebration. When you get to Bentbranch Meadows, you then need to talk to the NPC Baenfeld.

Pirotess talks to Baenfeld.

Baenfeld will tell you to choose a bear of suitable size and yes, the bears are dressed up in adorable Santa outfits. Once you have chosen your bear, you ride it to the designated locations and have it throw a starburst which is basically the bear throwing a gift box that bursts into colorful stars.

Once that is done, you talk to Baenfeld again to complete the quest. This will lead you to another quest, Starlight Stakeout. You need to talk to the NPC Taff who will tell you about trees that stole Starlight Celebration gifts and put Starlight decorations on themselves. 

Speak to Taff to learn about the thieving trees.

Travel to the Mirror Planks location and then talk to the NPC Starlight bear handler who will give you a bear mount to ride so that you can participate in the event FATE Bad Luck Comes In Trees. This FATE can be a bit frustrating because it's in one place and you have to aim carefully in order to hit the trees with the bear's starburst attack and you need to successfully hit at least three trees. This can be difficult to do if there's a ton of people which there is during the first few days of the event. I wish that Square Enix had spread it out a bit so it could happen in different town areas instead of one set location because the lag is incredibly bad with so many players in one specific area. 

The FATE event with so many can be a bit unBEARable. You knew it was coming.

Once you have completed the FATE, return to Bentbranch Meadows and talk to Taff. Your reward for completing the quest is the Starlight bear mount. It's very cute and it can fly in the new areas. You can participate in the FATE again on its own to get gift boxes which can be traded for other Starlight event items. The rest of the Starlight Celebration items you can receive are: Starlight stew Set, Starlight Log Set, Starlight Sapling, Starlight Celebration Advertisement, and Starlit Gateway Orchestration Roll.

This is a fun event to do with your friends and it does get you in the mood for Christmas and celebrates the spirit of enjoying celebrating with everyone. The first few days are probably going to have a lot of people doing the event. Once the initial excitement dies down, it will be easier to do the FATE event with less lag. It is a good idea to go when it's not peak hours. The event is running from now until December 31 so there's plenty of time to get all the goodies. Whatever you celebrate, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone! See you at the next Adventure.

The Starlight Bear mount is so cute! Merry Christmas!

*Final Fantasy XIV is available to play on the following platforms: PC and Playstation 4

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Relaxing Fun

I don't really play a lot of games on my phone. I did play Pokemon Go for a while, but got a little burned out on it. The only other games I really play on my phone are Words With Friends, Crosswords With Friends, and Neko Atsume. That last one is a game with cats so of course it's on my phone since I am a cat lover.

When I heard Nintendo was working on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a game for mobile devices and that it would be free to play, I was excited. I love the Animal Crossing games because they are cheerful and fun with activities you could do such as fishing, redecorating your house in various themes, or interacting with the animal villagers in town.

With Pocket Camp there isn't a town. Instead, you have your own RV and your own campsite which you can decorate any way you wish. You can make friends with various animal characters and receive gifts and crafting materials for them when you trade them things they want such as certain types of seashells. They can also visit your campsite as well as your human friends via invitation or at random. There are different recreational areas you can visit on the world map such as a beach where you can fish or a little island where you can collect insects. There's even an area for mining, but you need the help of five people on your friends list or pay a certain amount of microtransaction currency known as leaf tickets. You can also visit a place called OK Motors where you can upgrade your RV, add an upstairs to it, or paint it in interesting patterns and colors.

Getting around on the map is easy. Click on a place and go.

Fishing is one of the recreational activities you can do. 

Crafting is another big thing in Pocket Camp. You can gather materials such as cotton and wood for crafting furniture by fulfilling requests for your animal friends like gifting them with types of fruit or seashells they want. This not only levels up your friendship with them, they will gift you with crafting materials and sometimes outfits. They will also hang out at your campsite when you invite them. The maximum amount of animals you can host at your campsite is ten. You can also send animals home via the user menu so that you can invite new animals to your campsite.

Host animals at your campsite, do favors, receive gifts.

If you're in the mood to do a little shopping, there is a marketplace you can travel to on the map. You can buy outfits and accessories from the Able sisters or you can buy furniture from Timmy and Tommy Nook, Tom Nook's twin sons. You can also sell furniture and outfits from your inventory to the Nook twins. 

Doing a little shopping at the marketplace.

Personally, I liked decorating my RV and adding a second floor. Crafting the furniture and items for my little traveling home was fun and I enjoyed decorating it the way I wanted. I liked decorating the campsite as well especially after I expanded it so I could add more items for visitors to enjoy. 

Decorating your RV is fun!

There are daily goals and stretch goals you can do that offer crafting materials, leaf tickets, or bells (the name of the money used in the game) as rewards. You can also visit your friends campsites to see how they decorate theirs and give them kudos when you visit. I thought it was very cool seeing how much variety there is in each of the campsites I visited and showed the uniqueness and style of each of my friends. 

Visit your friends campsites. It's fun!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is relaxing fun. There's no pressure or time limits. You can just enjoy yourself doing what you wish whether it's fishing or hanging out with your animal and human friends at your campsite. It's cute and colorful with a variety of things to craft and outfits to collect. Some may think it's a bit repetitive, but I don't mind that part of it. It's nice to log in and get my daily bonus, do a few things I like, and see what changes my friends have made to their campsites.

With it being the holiday season, Nintendo did a Christmas update for the game. You can now craft Christmas items, a Santa Claus outfit, and Christmas gifts. It has been fun decorating my campsite for Christmas and seeing all the Christmas cheer at my friends' campsites. I'm looking forward to the next seasonal event items they do. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the Christmas items and the entire game itself. 

It's Christmas time!

Merry Christmas from Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. 

*Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available to play on iOS and Android devices.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds, A Grand Adventure

The Frozen Wilds is the new DLC for the game Horizon Zero Dawn. I was excited to revisit that world and play as Aloy again. The content can be done after the main story is finished and it integrates very well with it. You get to explore a beautiful new area and learn even more about the nomadic tribe, the Banuk. I always liked the Banuk because their spirituality and structure were interesting. Frozen Wilds brings Aloy to a snowy mountain area known as The Cut and a Banuk tribe in order to investigate new machines that are incredibly strong and aggressive. It should be noted that the new area is challenging so players should be at least level 40 or higher before attempting it. 

Aloy arrives at The Cut. 

The combat is as great as it always was. There's also new skills that can be unlocked such as repairing machine mounts. There are new weapons as well that can be modified and upgraded via a quest. I had a lot of fun with these because they did some excellent damage and were just fun to play with. There is also new armor which is great for the new area because it adds protection from the elements and various attacks from the new machines. 

The machines in The Cut are definitely dangerous. They're stronger, challenging, and the sense of danger is quite high. The battles are intense making you think about strategies in order to take down enemies. Adding to this is the introduction of Control Towers, machines that look like spindly flowers and emit a pulse which heal the machines in the area. The new weapons are incorporated into this and they make the fights a lot of fun. 

Aloy battles a new machine in the Frozen Wilds.

Aloy is still as endearing as ever while being a wonderful strong female character. The new people she meets are also strong and terrific adding more depth to the story. The story for the Frozen Wilds is complex and interesting while adding more insights into the main story. It also answers some questions about some familiar characters in the main story. 

The world of Frozen Wilds is a snowy tundra that is challenging yet beautiful and a lot of fun to explore. There are plenty of side quests to do along with the side quest. These offer more insights into the Banuk tribe as well and explores where their faith and spirituality belong in a world that is harsh and unforgiving. Just stopping in to take the view while playing was worth it. There are so many spectacular scenes in the game and I relished every minute of it. 

A great view. 

Frozen Wilds is amazing. It's 15 hours of fantastic gameplay and story.  I enjoyed all of it and the completionist in me unlocked everything. It adds a lot of great elements to the main story and the entire game overall. It's a grand adventure and I was happy that I visited Aloy's world again. 

Celebrating a grand adventure!

*Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds is playable on the following platforms: Playstation 4

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Assassin's Creed Origins An Amazing Adventure

I have been excited about Assassin's Creed Origins since I first heard about it so when I got my copy I began playing right away. The opening for the game is intense and introduces you to Bayek of Siwa, a Medjay (essentially a protector for the people of Egypt sanctioned by the Pharoh) and a bit later his wife Aya. The story starts with a sad event, but it clearly explains in that moment why and how the Brotherhood of Assassins were created. Playing as Bayek, there is an initial tutorial for what the game controls are and they're pretty great. The controls seem more streamlined to the point where my biggest complaint of getting stuck on things during parkour runs and jumps did not happen at all. It was a very welcome change.

Bayek of Siwa.

 I did get the season pass and this is truly worth it because you get access to some great weapons, gear, and mounts. Having the season pass will also give you access to the two DLC chapters, The Hidden Ones and The Curse Of The Pharohs on their release dates. If you're part of the Ubisoft Club, you also get some cool rewards ranging from crafting materials to legendary weapons. This also includes the Altair and Ezio outfits. You can also earn a lot of the weapons and gear from doing side quests and daily quests.

Some of the rewards you get with Ubisoft Club.

Ancient Egypt is huge. This is truly an open world game and it is definitely in your interests to explore everything because there are a lot of interesting things to see and do. I took a long time getting to the main story because I was having fun just exploring and doing all the side quests. There are a ton of side quests which give you the needed experience points and give rewards ranging from weapons to mounts. It is a grind to a soft level cap of 40, but because the game is fun to play I never really noticed and I got to level 40 fairly quickly. 

One of many great views in the game. 

One of my favorite things in the game was the symbiotic relationship Bayek had with his eagle, Senu. When doing missions where you needed to locate a target you could call Senu and with the ability of eagle vision have Senu search the area and seeing the world from her perspective until you find the target. This was a very useful thing to have especially when scouting enemy forts so I could see how many people there actually were. 

Senu scouting an area.

The skill tree for Bayek is easy to navigate and there are three sections to unlock skills; Hunter, Warrior, and Seer. Even after you hit the level cap you can still build up these skills as the experience points then go into the meter and when maxed each time, it rewards you with ability points which can be used to unlock skills. Bow Bearer is incredibly useful for the Hunter because it allows you to carry a bow for stealth and one for melee battles. Chain assassination is also useful because it can get you out of a sticky situation. 

The skill map is easy to navigate.

You do get to play as Aya for some missions and it is fun to play as her because there are some ship battles with her as well. The ship battles controls are well done and I wish there had been a few more of them because they were exciting and I enjoyed them. I also wish there were more missions with Aya because she was a smart and brave woman and she was just as interesting a character as Bayek. There is normal sailing also and this helps with getting to other areas or finding a spot where treasure is hidden. You can dive into the water and find those treasures as well as other secrets like tunnels leading into hidden temples.  

Sailing in the game is great fun. 

The main story is excellent. I really liked Bayek and Aya because they were such interesting characters. I felt sad for their pain and a sense of vindication for them when they accomplished their goal. There are of course real historical people in the game like Cleopatra and they are involved in the story. I did feel the main story was a bit short, but I still enjoyed it a great deal.  It answered a lot of the big questions such as how the Brotherhood was started and also gave hints about some of the assassins that followed after Bayek and Aya. 

Once you're done with the main game, there are still things you can do. There are mini game events like chariot races at the Hippodrome or gladiator fights at the Cyrene Arena. Both are fun to do and give you a break from the main story and side quests in the game. The chariot controls do have a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of them it's a breeze. The gladiator fights have three rounds and then you unlock an elite mode which is just one challenging boss fight with the champion of each of those rounds. You can also compete with your friends for the best score. 

Racing at the Hippodrome.

There are daily quests as well which you get from an NPC named Reda. The quests range from rescuing people to recovering stolen merchandise. When these are done, you get a reward from Reda usually a rare or legendary weapon. Sometimes you get a rare mount which comes in handy.  You can take photos and share them with the photo share feature. This is a cool thing where you can use the controls to take a photo and share it with other players in the game. You can also avenge other players. If you find a fellow assassin that has been killed, it gives you a quest to find the perpetrators and you can exact revenge on them.  

There is also the event Trial Of The Gods. Currently you can fight Anubis, the god of the dead. You should be level 40 for this fight because it's difficult otherwise. This is a great battle and once you defeat Anubis you get rewarded with a spiffy item. If you missed it, don't worry. There will be another chance to fight him and you will be able to fight other gods later on. 

Battling the god Anubis.

Assassin's Creed Origins is an amazing adventure. The story is excellent, the side quests are fun, and there are so many beautiful things to see in this game. There is so much wonderful variety in the people, the voice acting, and the music. It is a joy to play and even after you're finished, there's still a lot of things you can do. I loved the game and and I can't wait to play more. 

Leap of faith to the next adventure!

*Assassin's Creed Origins is playable on the following platforms: PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Adventures Of Pirotess: All Saints' Wake Halloween Celebration

Halloween is my favorite day of the year so naturally I was excited to check out the Halloween event in Final Fantasy XIV. The event called All Saints' Wake is a lot of fun for everyone and celebrates everything Halloween. All the towns in Eorzea and the Free Company neighborhoods are colorfully decorated for the event and it's great just to walk around town and see all the fantastic Halloween decorations.

The town of Gridania decorated for Halloween.

To start the event quest you need to be at least level 15 and must have completed the main story quest It's Probably Pirates. When you meet those requirements, you can travel to the town of Gridania and talk to the NPC quest giver, the Adventurer Guild Investigator at the coordinates X:10.4 Y: 8.4 and start your fun Halloween adventure. The quest is called, An Orthadian Wolfman In Gridania. You then talk to an NPC named Soga. After that, you then talk to an NPC named Impresario. Speak with Impresario a second time and this leads you to the quest The Adventurer Who Cried Wolfman. Then you go into your inventory and use the werewolf item. This gives you all the pieces for the werewolf costume which you need to equip and yes, you get to keep it forever. 

Grr! Pirotess in werewolf costume.

After you have your werewolf costume equipped, you speak with Impresario again and then speak with Soga to get the fun started. 

Talking to Impresario.

You now get to run around town and say, "GRRR!" in say chat to three specified people. Once this is done, you speak to Soga and then speak to Impresario to complete this quest. After that, you talk to the Adventurer Guild Investigator again to start the quest Mind Their Manor. When you speak to the Uncanny Illusionist and the Harlequin Guide, this starts the seasonal dungeon instance. You will get matched with others doing the event so you have a full party of four people. 

Pirotess is ready for the seasonal dungeon. 

The dungeon itself will feel familiar because it's pretty similar to the Haukke Manor dungeon except for the event it's called the Haunted Manor. Its atmosphere is spooky fun with the area being decorated for Halloween. In the upper right of your status bar you will see a sanity meter. This is where the teamwork begins. You must be careful and sneak around the monsters in the manor and not be seen. When your sanity meter drops to zero you fail the mission, so show off your stealth skills. 

Entering the Haunted Manor.

If one of the monsters sees you, your sanity meter drops and you get turned into a pumpkin for a couple of seconds. The objectives are randomized and you must complete four of them within the time limit. For example, there is one objective where you need to run around and search every room for a clue as to what numbers unlock a pumpkin safe. It's important to work together with your team so in the case with the safe, you have to call out the number you find: The first number is... in party chat in order to reach the goal and complete the tasks successfully together. 

Unlocking the pumpkin safe with the right numbers is one task.

When you are successful you receive three pumpkin cookies from a jack o' lantern chest at the end which can be traded for items from the NPC event vendor, the Alluring Peddler. 

Victory comes in pumpkin cookies!

There are six Saints' Wake items you can trade pumpkin cookies for to the vendor. Those items are: Magicked prism, ghost candlestand, pumpkin tower, pumpkin pie set, pumpkin pudding set, and All Saints' advertisement. 

All the items you can get from the vendor. 

I had so much fun doing this event because it has everything Halloween which I love and I had a blast doing it with my friends. That's one of the terrific things about the events in Final Fantasy XIV. It celebrates the importance of friendship and enjoying time with your friends. All Saints' Wake is a good time celebrating Halloween and a nice break from adventuring. Check it out with your friends and enjoy all the fun to be had. See you at the next adventure everyone!

Happy Halloween!

*Final Fantasy XIV is playable on the following platforms: PC and Playstation 4